остается имя существительное:
пребывание (stay, residence, staying, tenure, indwelling, abode)
опора (support, reliance, bearing, pillar, prop, mainstay)
остановка (stop, stopping, halt, stoppage, stay, standstill)
приостановление (stay)
стоянка (parking, stand, stay, camp, quarter)
отсрочка (delay, postponement, respite, reprieve, grace, deferment)
выдержка (excerpt, exposure, extract, delay, aging, dwell)
корсет (corset, corselet, stay, foundation garment, corslet)
люнет (lunette, stay)
оттяжка (Guy, stay)
выносливость (endurance, stamina, hardiness, staying power, durability, persistence)
ванта (guy, stay)
подпорка (prop, support, brace, bracket, stanchion, upright)
поддержка (support, maintenance, backing, aid, endorsement, boost)
связь (binding, relations, bonds, communication, connection, bond)
подставка (stand, rack, pedestal, support, coaster, rest)
оставаться (stay, remain, keep, continue, stay on, rest)
остановиться (stay, stand still, come to a halt, come to a stop, can, bring to)
останавливаться (stop, stay, dwell, halt, shut down, pause)
останавливать (stop, stay, halt, shut Down, arrest, cease)
жить (live, dwell, stay, reside, exist, inhabit)
побыть (stay)
пробыть (stay)
задерживаться (linger, stay, lag, overstay, stay on, repose)
задерживать (delay, detain, stay, hold, retard, arrest)
ждать (wait, wait for, expect, await, stay, watch)
гостить (guest, visit, visit with, stay, stop, sojourn)
приостанавливать (suspend, stay, cease, arrest)
медлить (delay, linger, tarry, stay, pause, temporize)
выдерживать (withstand, stand, survive, support, sustain, bear)
не отставать (keep up with, stay)
отсрочивать (defer, delay, postpone, adjourn, stay, prolong)
оттягивать (pull back, draw off, extend, abduct, stay, abduce)
затягивать в корсет (stay, corset)
утолять (satisfy, appease, assuage, allay, stay, still)
сдерживать (hold back, restrain, contain, constrain, hold, keep)
доживать (stay)
быть в состоянии продолжать (stay)
укреплять (strengthen, reinforce, fortify, consolidate, harden, firm)
поддерживать (support, maintain, endorse, sustain, uphold, encourage)
связывать (bind, associate, connect, bound, link, tie)
делать поворот оверштаг (tack about, go about, stay)
выносить (take out, endure, tolerate, take away, stand, pass)

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